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Musical Roster

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Derrick Shezbie

Grammy Award Winning Trumpet Player

Born in New Orleans and brought up playing on the streets for cash, Derrick(Kabuki) Shezbie caught the eye of music industry legend Quincy Jones in his teens. He released an album at 18 and joined the Rebirth Brass Band, with whom he won a Grammy in 2012.

PC Slimm

863 OG

Legendary Polk County based rapper PC Slimm has been keeping it 100 for years. His newest release shows his growth as an artist and producer.



Lyricist and Producer

Since the first track Y2JJ has put his own spin on each song. His intricate lyrics, unique flow and ability to make the beats for some of the biggest hits has separated him from traditional hip hop artists.


Freestyle Fanatic

The premier freestyler in the Clubhouse Crew, Pop "PL" Lopez bring the swagger from Harlem and infuses it with southern style flow.


Wes B Enterprise

Boss Style

With deep and intricate lyrics, Wes B's verses are to the point and packed with meaning.


Beyond Normal

In the tradition of hip hop eccentrics like ODB and Bizzare CDT comes from another dimension of style. Direct flow, off color lyrics and punchlines are sure to entertain.


DJ Koresh

Musical Wildcard

DJ Koresh will draw you in with poignantly odd arrangements and then reward you for your aural bravery with a one of a kind experience.

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